Custodial & Correctional

Long Bay Correctional Centre

Corrective services, prisons, police stations, law courts, psychiatric facilities and other custodial or protective environments that support our criminal justice system and the supervision of offenders requires robust, low maintenance that minimises the risk from self harm, intentional harm and suicide. With vandal resistant and antiligature range of tapware and drainage solutions Galvin Engineering have developed with Australian Corrective Services departments we have the proven solutions for the requirements of correctional environments across Australia.


Products to consider for Custodial & Correctional Projects

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Success Stories

Safe cell Prison Taps

Vandal Resistant Taps

Safe-Cell Prison Taps - Manual

Safe-Cell Prison Taps - Electronic

Safe-Cell Prison Wastes

Electronic Tapware



Wiri Mens Prison, Auckland New Zealand


Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital Mental Health