Health & Aged Care

Health & Aged CareThe risk for patient or healthcare worker acquiring a healthcare-associated infection has increased with the society's rapid turnover of patients from acute care settings to community care, and by the increasing number of complex procedures performed in primary and community care. The potential consequence of healthcare-associated infections can delay the recovery and impact on the quality of life for the individual as well as increase costs of healthcare for the community. Galvin Engineering range of healthcare tapware has been develop with the input of architects, consultants and users to support their requirements for reducing maintenance and running costs whilst maximising hand-hygiene and the prevention and control of health-associated infections in the hospital and healthcare settings. 


Products to Consider for Health & Aged Care Projects

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Surgical Tapware

Food Service Tapware

Scrub-Up Rooms/Clinical Hand Washing Areas 

CliniMix® Progressive Thermostatic Mixers
Flowmatic® Electronic Tapware & Valves
Pedal & Knee Operated Tapware
Surgical Tapware
Lever Action Tapware 

Bathrooms /Shower areas

Disabled & Aged Care Bathroom Products
CliniLever® Health Care Tapware
GalvinCare Health Care Tapware
CliniMix® Thermostatic Mixing Valves 
Commercial Floor Wastes 
Commercial Cleanouts 

Emergency Departments/Laboratories

Safety Shower & Eyewashes  

Kitchens/Canteens/Food Preparation Areas

Ezy-Wash® Pre-Rinse
Multi-Purpose Floor Drain Combos
Standard Floor Drain Combos 
Multi-Purpose Rain Water Outlets & Roof Drains 
Commercial Vinyl Floor Wastes 
Commercial Cleanouts 
Fire Fighting Equipment 




 Sports Medicine Clinic

Proven Electronics -Solutions for Royal Adelaide Hospital Extension 


Staff Satisfaction at Westmead Hospital Infill Project  


 Fiona Stanley Hospital

Queensland Children's Hospital