Special Application Floor Wastes


  • Car parks
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Educational facilities
  • Healthcare facilities
  • High rise apartments
  • Shopping centres
  • Prisons

Key Features

  • Extensive commercial range for all applications, designs and sizes.
  • Selected ranges are available in stainless steel, nickel bronze, cast iron and brass.
  • Where relevant our drains and wastes have been load tested to a minimum rating of Class B.
  • All drains have been flow tested by the Water Authority of WA.
  • WSAA approval products available where appropriate.
  • Stainless steel units are approved to AS 1589.
  • Click to download Commercial & Vinyl Floor Wastes Catalogue Section.

# 302356HX - Stainless Steel Exl Floor Drain Grate Assembly Round 200x100BSP with 110mm Hole for Balcony.