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Support is provided throughout Australia through our local offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. Call 1300 514 074 to speak with you local technical sales representative.

Technical Resources Online

Require technical resources please check our Technical Resource Centre which has installation guides, product specifications and product brochures available.

Download information relevant for your project design, product installation or selection.

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Send us your information request now and we will be back to you in one business day. 

How to Order

Galvin Engineering's range of commercial plumbing products are available from all plumbing product merchants around Australia. Alternatively, if you would like to talk directly to us, regarding commercial plumbing or fire products please refer to our Contact Details for an office closest to you.

A 30 Day Credit Account Application is also available for download.

Specification Reviews

If you have not reviewed or modified your plumbing specifications in the last 12 months, you may find the information is outdated, to save you time, our technical team offer a FREE "Specification Review" service. This service will give you direct access to our expertise in the ranges we manufacture including

  • Review your current specifications and identify outdated areas
  • Make recommendations on how your specifications should be revised
  • Rewrite your specifications to include recommendations you accept
  • Provide training on key issues affecting your future product selections
  • Introduce and educate you on new and innovative products

To take advantage of this service please complete our online Specification Review Request Form and you will be contacted by a representatives to begin this process

Request a Service Call

If you are experiencing a fault with any of our products please contact us immediately.

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To become a GALVIN Member and gain exclusive access to our product drawings in .dwg format, an please complete our Extranet Users Application Form