Galvin Engineering is committed to the health, safety and welfare of all personnel. Our priority is to ensure that every employee is provided with a safe, healthy and discrimination free place, in which to work.

Providing a safe, healthy, accident and discrimination free working environment, ensures a healthier and more productive workforce, which is critical in the attainment of our Company’s goals. This concern must be reflected in the way we design our plant, operate our machinery, and work in accordance with job instructions.

We will make every effort in the areas of safety education, accident prevention, hazard control, injury prevention and health preservation, to ensure the safety of the workplace, and the health and welfare of our workforce.

The elimination of all injuries or any form of discrimination is our goal.

Health, Safety and Welfare at work must be a shared responsibility. Commitment to safety is a team commitment, involving managers, supervisors, subcontractors, suppliers and employees working together, through consultation and cooperation. It is unacceptable for any individual to observe non-compliance with any safety policy.

Confidence in the safety of the workplace requires openness of communication between all levels. We recognise and support the rights of all personnel to express their concerns over safety in the workplace, and expect those concerns to be addressed.

The Company’s Health, Safety & Welfare Policy is our overall authoritative statement on health, safety & welfare issues. This policy, along with supporting safety procedures, is issued to all new employees during their induction.

Ensuring compliance with this policy is the responsibility of the Compliance Manager, with full support from the Directors.