Case Study - Ashdale Secondary College (WA)

Ashdale Secondary College (WA)

Architect & Hydraulic Consultant:

Donaldson & Warn Architects; Hydraulic Design Australia


The construction of a new secondary college in the growth area of Perth’s northern suburbs, Lansdale, has provided the community with a high quality, state of the art secondary education facility.

The complex comprises of a series of interlinked buildings containing Arts and Administration, Materials Technology, Middle School General Learning Areas, Library and Café, and Physical Education facilities. The entrance to the school is along a generous walkway leading directly into the pedestrian spine which connects the key facilities. Car parking facilities are adjacent to the entry, all set in a landscaped environment.

The key buildings are located around an extensive student courtyard, with an interplay of levels and materials utilised to create various areas for passive social interaction. The spaces created are bounded by extensive roofed and pergola areas for sun and weather protection. These spaces also facilitate wet weather access to all of the learning facilities.

The external palette of materials provides further interest to the large complex, with extensive use of low maintenance high quality products. The incorporated rooflines provide both variety between the building forms whilst also enabling extensive natural light into the inner spaces, a benefit in terms of the inner environment as well as energy saving.

Extensive site works were undertaken to create sporting facilities, including a full size Australian Rules football oval, hockey fields and multi-use hard courts.

The whole site is extensively landscaped, enhancing both the school facilities, and the adjacent residential areas.

Products Specified and Installed: Vinyl Floor Drains & Cleanouts, Variable Height Floor Drains, Laboratory Tapware, Fire Equipment. 

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