Case Study - Westmead Hospital Infill Project (NSW)

Westmead Hospital Infill Project (NSW)

Architect & Hydraulic Consultant:

Perumal Pedavoli Pty Ltd; Woolacotts Consulting Engineers
(division of Daly International)


For the Westmead Hospital extension Galvin Engineering worked with the consulting engineers and users to determine and supply tapware solutions for the following areas: Intensive Care Unit, Women's Health & New Born Care, Brain Injury & Cancer Services. As infection control is paramount in these areas Galvin Engineering was looked to provide a reliable solution to hands-free scrub environments, as well as patient rooms and public wash areas.

The Westmead Hospital Infill Project was a series of five extensions built among the existing hospital during full operation. The Quick Plumbing team worked with the hospital operation staff and Thiess to plan and stage works while maintaining all essential services throughout and to meet the project deadlines. Numerous times throughout the project required partial shutdowns to allow connections and diversions to live services, all resulting in successful outcomes.

Westmead Hospital had tried numerous brands of electronic tapware in the past but had numerous problems with their performance and reliability in the tough conditions of a hospital where many electrical machines operate 24/7. Galvin Engineering ability to work with the nursing staff, plumbing contractor, hospital electricians and electronic experts over a 6 to 12 month period were paramount to the products success. The feedback these groups gave Galvin Engineering along with their own technical knowledge and around the clock attention was vital in producing an infallible product for Westmead's healthcare infection control areas.

Products Specified and Installed:  Flowmatic® Electronic Tapware & Spouts

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