Keeping up with regulatory changes is important!

Author: Nick Siddle   Date Posted:20 June 2017 

Recently the Plumbers Licencing Board (PLB) WA, published a technical note making contractors aware of the relevant clauses of AS 1428 that impact water supply and sanitary plumbing installations. These changes have resulted in an increased likelihood that the shower head will fall and remain below the rim of the toilet pan creating a high hazard backflow risk.

The PLB have recently evaluated the Galvin Engineering Clevacare “retractable” shower arm as a “Deemed-to-Satisfy” proprietary fitting combating issues around High-Risk backflow control as a result to changes regarding AS1428.1:2009. As the use of RPZd’s is not permittable under the Plumbing Code of Australia; BP1.1 and BP2.1, the use of the Galvin Engineering Clevacare shower arms will assist installers in completing safe bathrooms for those who need it.


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