ADEB Health & Aged Care

Author: Madlin Zamir   Date Posted:19 July 2019 

The subject of Lead in Plumbing products has become a highlight in recent years due to its effect on projects such as Perth’s New Children’s Hospital, Geelong’s Park water fountains and NSW households in addition to the media attention it has been receiving and the general public awareness across Australia that it has created.

Yesterday, our very own Chris Galvin presented at the ADEB Health & Aged Care in Sydney and previously in Perth on Friday 5th of July where he spoke about Lead in Plumbing Products and Water Solutions for a Healthier Environment.

Here’s a copy of the presentation

Perth ADEB Health & Aged Care - Burswood Crown, Friday 5 July 2019  


Sydney ADEB Health & Aged Care - Harbour View, Thursday 18 July 2019 




                                                                                                                                Team dinner in Sydney