Ballajura Community College - August 2014

From: MORRIS Rod
Date: Tuesday, 26 August 2014 10:42 AM
To: Christopher Galvin
Subject: Thank you for your support

To Chris,

I am the Head of Department of Design and Technology at Ballajura Community College. I recently wanted to introduce my students to casting Aluminium using our kiln. The last person to use our kiln left 8 years ago so his knowledge could not be passed on and the stock (green sand and degassing tablets) were now expired. After a few futile attempts to speak to retail outlets to purchase stock and improve on my basic knowledge of casting, I tried your company.

The receptionist put me through to Neil from the foundry. Neil was very friendly and was extremely supportive, especially since his 5 children attended the college. He was quickly able to confirm some of my queries regarding casting techniques and safety. Neil even provided the college with a small quantity of stock just to ensure the students’ models were going to be of the highest possible quality. The year 11 students have only had 4 casts so far but have had great success, mainly thanks to Neil’s support.

The students now need to clean their casting and present it as a finished product ready for use and/or sale. Once I have a good collection of photos I will send them to you and Neil. A collection of the better models will be published in the college’s BCC Bulletin which is distributed to over 1550 students’ families. I will also use this forum to thank Neil and Galvin Engineering for supporting the education of our students. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, Galvin Engineering and Neil for your support so far and I believe the students’ education is better off because of it. I look forward to sending you photos and a copy of the BCC Bulletin in the near future.

Thank you once again for your support.

Rod Morris
Head of Department Design and Technology
Ballajura Community College