Rheem Australia Pty Ltd

From: Reardon, Joe
Sent: Friday, 24 May 2013 10:12 AM
To: Kevin Mead Cc: Franks, Russell; Fil Nocciolino; Beacham, Mark
Subject: RE: Prototype samples for G3/4 F Brass fittings

Hi Kevin,

I have received those samples thank you for turnaround those parts so quickly. It is much appreciated that you were able to prioritise this request. It was business critical that we could get those parts ASAP and it is good to see that Galvin Engineering was able to provide the support to customers when things are urgently required. Just to let you know it does not go unnoticed at Rheem when a supplier will do their upmost to provide that support which is required to assist with issue which require a high priority of urgency.

Again very much appreciated,



Joe Reardon
Senior Development Engineer
Rheem Australia Pty Ltd 

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