Sinclair Knight Merz

Sinclair Knight Merz

100 Christie Street
PO Box 164 
St Leonards NSW
Australia 1590 
Telephone: +61 2992 82100
Facsimile: +61 2 9928 2500

Galvin Engineering 
26/2-8 Daniel Street 

Attention: NSW Branch Manager 

Dear Andrew 

As your company expands it's presence into the eastern Australian market, I have no reservations in endorsing your products  to any potential customer in the region. Even though your range of products are mostly manufactured in Western Australia, I can honestly say that we have never encountered any difficulty in supply or with Iong lead times, which is a credit to your organisation, particularly over these vast distances. 

Seeing ourselves as a leader in the Australian engineering consulting field, we are obligated to our clients to provide quality systems, of which Galvin Engineering forms part Our task of  maintainlng a Quality Assured product to customers. is made considerably easier by utilising the services oi a company like your which has ISO 9002 accreditation. 

Allow me to congratulate, you on a job well done over the past three years that we have been specifying Galvin Engineering products. 

Yours faithfully 

Craig Weisby
Senior Engineer 
Hydraulic/Building Services Division

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