Providing an answer to many unresolved water issues and risks, the Flowmatic® brand represents a well-established range of electronic taps and sensors. This technologically advanced range provides control of water by regulating the duration of the water flow. Flowmatic® tapware and valves play an important role in reducing water and energy consumption.

The electronic tapware is Australian designed and manufactured and offers a range of options for different industries. As the tapware is hands free operated, this dramatically reduces the risk of disease caused by contamination when operating tapware and flushing systems. Hands free taps are ideal in areas where cross contamination can easily be spread, for example, restaurants and food preparation zones.

In addition, due to the ease of use, aged care facilities find the touch free systems beneficial for residents suffering with arthritis and other disabilities. There are also range of options that are used in correctional facilities because of the ability to control the water use, reduce the risk of vandalism, minimise the threat of self-harm and manage urinal flushing systems.