With decades of experience, HEWI continues to lead the way in developing innovative products for the health sector. The HEWI Care range was designed as the first sanitary range for the German market, specifically aimed towards assisted care. HEWI is now synonymous with top quality, high end products and sophisticated design. As the market leader, HEWI has a well-developed product portfolio which sets the standard for accessibility.

The comprehensive portfolio of products enables planning and design that can be personalised to suit the individual. HEWI accessibility products are appropriate to the user. With products specifically designed with colour to complement function. A deliberately chosen high-contrast colour facilitates perception and orientation for users that may have visual impairments. This is integral for patients in aged care facilities, and mental healthcare high-risk environments.

The product range offers a multitude of colour choice which can be used in dementia-sensitive design to encourage familiar and intuitive use for patients with dementia.

The timeless design, high quality of the products work seamlessly together to create a durable fit out. Functionality, safety and easy-care are guaranteed inclusions for HEWI systems.

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