CliniMix Lead Free Hob Mounted Thermostatic Progressive Basin Mixer - Lever

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$1,433 incl GST

This innovative designed thermostatic progressive mixer provides state of the art features to comply with the latest healthcare requirements. 

The single lever operates on/off temperature controls for straightforward operation, simplifying handwashing procedures and the long arm is operated with elbows to avoid hand contact.


  • Australia's first lead free progressive mixer range is AS/NZS 4020 tested and certified to AS 4032.4.
  • Manufactured using high quality solid brass with less than 0.25% lead content.
  • Enables water to be mixed closer to the point of discharge. Minimising warm water which can provide an ideal condition for legionella bacteria to grow.
  • Smooth internal and external components and featuring a hygienic flow.
  • The long lever sequential control handle is easy to access for users and provides more precise control of flow and temperature.  Water flow always starts from cold for safe usage.
  • Fast and easy to clean.
  • All servicing and commissioning can be done without removing the device. Easy to access isolators helps to minimise the time of commissioning and maintenance.
  • Designed to provide stable mixed temperature and rapid shut down in the event of cold or hot water supply failures.

Technical Information

  • Inlet:  1/2" BSP - Female
  • Outlet:  Flow Straightener
  • Headwork:  Thermostatic Mixing Valve
  • Working Pressure Range (kPa):  20 Min - 500 Max
  • Working Temperature Range (°C):  5 Min - 85 Max
  • Permitted Supply Pressure Variation:  10:1
  • Mixed Temperature Range (°C):  35 - 45
  • Factory Set Thermostatic Temp. Range (°C):  39 - 41
  • Operating Temperature Range (°C):  Full cold - 45
  • Nominal Flow Rate (LPM):  8
  • Flow Rate (LPM): 6 Min
  • Construction:  Lead Free Brass*
  • Finish:  Chrome

*As ‘lead free’ is not currently defined by law in Australia and New Zealand, we have based our definition on s1417 of the USA’s Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) and the relevant US standards NSF61 / NSF372. The SDWA defines ‘lead free’ as “not more than a weighted average of 0.25% lead when used with respect to the wetted surface of pipes, pipe fittings, plumbing fittings and fixtures”.

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