CliniMix® TMV Stainless Steel Cabinet Ass with Universal Door 20 Bottom In & Out

Product Code: WM-CABH021

$1,362 incl GST

Our Australian Made CliniMix® range of AS/NZS 4032.1 approved thermostatic mixing valves (TMVs), are designed to protect the most vulnerable from scalding or cold water shock by providing tempered water to the desired outlets that comply to the relevent Australian Standards and codes such as those of NSW Health. 


  • NSW Health approved.

  • Safe, simple and easy to maintain. Flat faced connections allow removal of the valve without disturbing the pipework.

  • In the event of either hot or cold water supply failure the valve will shut down, quickly restoring flow when normal conditions resume.

  • Suitable for installation in low pressure systems and will operate with a working pressure as low as 20kPa.

  • Water temperature is stabilised at plus or minus 2 degrees even during water pressure or temperature fluctuations.

  • Units come complete with right angle isolating ball valve, non-return valve and strainer assemblies.

  • Can be installed in any configuration with the water outlet in the horizontal or vertical position, and inlet connections can be rotated to suit inlet pipework.

  • Sturdy vandal resistant cabinet with lockable door.

  • Compact design to fit into stud work.

  • Fully plumbed with copper tails and test point on outlet.

  • Stainless steel hinged door cabinet.

  • Complies with NSW Education EFSG Guidelines

Technical Information


  • Preset Temperature (°C): 43.5


  • Cold Supply (°C): 5 Min - 30 Max

  • Hot Supply (°C): 55 MIn - 90 Max

  • Hot to Mix Temperature Differential for Stable Operation (°C): 10 Min

  • Cold to Mix Temperature Differential for Stable Operation (°C): 5 Min


  • Hot and Cold Inlet Pressures (kPa): 20 Min - 500 Max


  • Hot and Cold Inlet Pressures (kPa): 1000 Max


  • Maximum inlet pressure ratio for stable operation: 6:1 (Either supply)


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