The Citadel Tower is a multi-level high rise building of both office space and residential occupancy. The end of trip amenity has both a male and female facility with 5 showers in each amenity which includes bike storage lockers with key card access for occupants of the tower in order to make use of the amenities that the Citadel offers. 

Citadel Tower was looking to deliver an efficient showering system to save water in order to assist with end of trip facilities which will in turn increase bike rider capacity thus improving the NABERS rating at D.A stage of the project. This was an addition to the existing building to replace 3 car parking spots with rider amenities. 


Nearing the end of the project an alternate supplier was unable to supply the amenity therefore PDML architect reached out to Galvin Engineering to come up with a rapid solution. With a very tight timeline our team had to work very hard and fast to deliver the specific solution.


Our team managed to fix the showering system and control the shower usage to 4 minutes with a 30 second time out.

This saved the architects from calling a plumber to come up with a rapid alternative and the project met the operator’s expectation to save water and provide a more efficient space. 


PMDL Architects were very pleased with the result of the project with respect to product appearance, functionality and Galvin Engineering’s ability to turn this around in a short time frame.

Location: 799 Pacific Highway Chatswood – Sydney