We are Galvin Engineering. A family-owned Australian company spanning four generations and 90 years of history.

We are a team focused on providing water solutions for better health and safer communities. Our work thrives on long-term relationships built on our core values of pride, accountability, and a will-do attitude.


Photo of Roy Galvin - 1st Generation at Galvin Engineering

Roy Galvin, 1st Gen

Photo of Jim Galvin - 2nd Generation at Galvin Engineering

Jim Galvin, 2nd Gen

Photo of Chris Galvin - 3rd Generation at Galvin Engineering Photo of Paul Galvin - 3rd Generation at Galvin Engineering 

Paul & Chris Galvin, 3rd Gen

Photo of Tim Galvin - 4th Generation at Galvin Engineering Photo of Tom Galvin - 4th Generation at Galvin Engineering

Tim & Tom Galvin, 4th Gen 


Originating as Premier Engineering in 1930, Larry Duff and Albert Gordan founded what would later become Galvin Engineering. It all begun with Roy Galvin buying out Albert Gordan’s shares in 1947, followed by Jim Galvin who joined in 1953. Upon retiring in 1967, Larry Duffy sold his share to Roy Galvin and just two years later, the company was incorporated with Roy and his three sons, John, Jim, and Tony all holding shares.

The company was renamed Galvin Engineering Pty Ltd in 1971. Over the next ten years, Galvin Engineering went on to buy out Henderson & Gribble and moved into ferrous and non-ferrous castings. In 1984, Roy Galvin passed away and Jim’s son Paul, joined the company the following year. By 1987 John and Jim bought out Tony’s and Roy’s shares.

Keeping the family tradition of providing quality products and services, the company continued to improve production capabilities, safety systems and staff development. In doing so, Galvin Engineering received certification to ISO 9001.

A year of change came in 1992 with Roy’s second son, Jim Galvin and his two sons, Paul, and Chris acquiring total shareholdings. The company relocated to Malaga, WA, incorporating an impressive and technology advanced machine shop and foundry. Jim retired in 1997 and Paul and Chris acquired Jim’s shares.

In 2001, the Galvin Engineering Gain Share Plan was introduced, entitling eligible employees to a share in Company profits once certain targets are met.

With the expansion into new markets, Galvin Engineering now has offices and warehouses across Australia and partners with distributors in New Zealand, the UK and the USA.

Galvin Engineering opened its WA branch in 1930 Galvin Engineering opened its NSW branch in 1997 Galvin Engineering opened its VIC branch in 2000 Galvin Engineering opened its QLD branch in 2005


In 2012, the company was proud to recieve ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certification.

The fourth generation of the Galvin family was introduced in 2015 with Paul’s son Tim, taking lead on the company’s information technology strategy. 

In 2018, Galvin Engineering was the first company within the Australian commercial plumbing industry to release a range of Lead Safe taps and valves using special GalvinClear materials and design specifications.

Paul's younger son Tom joined the business in 2020, working in Operations and leading our environmental initiatives. 

The company also celebrated its 90th Anniversary in 2020. 

In 2022, Galvin Engineering officially became a fourth generation family business with Tim Galvin buying into the company. This multi-decade ownership succession is a key pillar of our Galvin 4.0 long term strategy. Specifiers, customers, suppliers, and our amazing team, can feel confident that we will continue to offer reliability, back-up service, technical expertise, and innovative products, well into the 21st century.


Our Story in a Snapshot

Galvin Engineering's History Timeline in an infographic covering 1920 through to 2022.


Awards and Certifications

Galvin Engineering was awarded Best 3rd Generation Family Business in 2004, 2006, 2007, 2009 and 2010 Galvin Engineering was awarded Best Family Business Employer Category in 2006 Galvin Engineering was recorded in the Family Business Australia Hall of Fame in 2014

Galvin Engineering was awarded Design in Mental Health Product Innovation Award in 2016

Galvin Engineering's Quality Management System is ISO 9001 Certified by SAI Global Galvin Engineering's Environmental Management System is ISO 14001 Certified by SAI Global

Galvin Engineering is an Australian Made Licensee

Galvin Engineering was recgnised in 2009 for 15 years ISO Certification by SAI Global Galvin Engineering Products are AS/NZS 3718 Compliant | Lic. WMKA0034 Galvin Engineering Products are AS/NZS 1221 Compliant | Lic. SNK0376