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Mental Health

Australia’s largest range of anti-ligature electronic and mechanical tapware, Wallgate sanitaryware, grab rails, drainage, fixtures, fittings & water management systems, Galvin Specialised Mental Health products are trusted around the world


The design of our products reflects a new vision and philosophy for mental health facilities that is rooted in hope, healing, and recovery. Strong emphasis is placed on designs that incorporate home like, non-institutional, and patient-centred environments that promote improved health outcomes, familiarity, and a sense of being valued.

Anti-Ligature & Vandal Resistant

Our products are designed to be anti-ligature in nature and our designs strive to ensure the protection of caregivers & end users. 
Robust and proven tapware and sanitaryware designs meet the demands of high-risk vandal areas, including cells, high and low risk mental health environments, law courts & rehabilitation facilities.

Full Room Solutions  

Galvin Specialised can offer full room solutions for secure environments. Our range includes anti-ligature tapware, showers, thermostatically controlled solutions through to Wallgate solid surface sanitaryware, anti-ligature grab rails, mirrors, drinking solutions and drainage products. We offer small to large scale water control systems and can assist in design through to commissioning.

Whole of Life Costs

Sustainability or whole-of-life costs are recognised as important in the design and development of care & rehabilitation facilities. 
Our Tapware, Sanitaryware, fixtures & fittings are intentionally designed to reduce costs and downtime for the item’s lifecycle. 

Quality & Support

We stand behind the quality of all our products.  Our tapware, sanitaryware, fixtures & fittings are designed to be robust, durable & fit for purpose in the most demanding care, rehabilitation or correctional facilities as well as being backed & supported by our Australian team of experts.

Compliance & Standards

All products are compliant with all relevant Australian Standards & requirements. We proudly hold WaterMark certification, ISO 9001 Quality Systems Certification, ISO 14001 Environmental Systems Certification, WRAS approved, TMV3.


Experience it yourself

Want to see how our solutions fit into your mental health space? Head into our 3D virtual bathroom to see our products in action. Move around and click on the products to see where we can assist in creating a safe and water efficient environment.

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Best Practice Bathroom Specifications

Check out our white paper addressing the demand for considered and tailored design approaches that ensure bathroom features, fixtures and fittings meet the varied needs of all users in mental and behaviour healthcare facilities.

We make specifying easy

Save time planning your next project with our Mental Health Design Standards and Product Specification Guide. We can help you ensure you're specifying products that are fit for application and compliant with relevant standards and requirements for total peace of mind.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

There are two main aspects that need to be balanced when designing for mental health: managing risks and promoting the patient's sense of autonomy and control. Managing risks involves creating a safe environment that minimises potential harm or self-harm opportunities. This includes incorporating anti-ligature and anti-vandal features, removing potential hazards, and ensuring robustness and durability of fixtures.

Promoting the patient's sense of autonomy and control is equally important; this entails providing choices, fostering independence, and designing spaces that support self-determination. It involves creating a sense of ownership over personal spaces, allowing privacy, and offering opportunities for social interaction and engagement.

Normalisation in mental health facilities refers to an approach that seeks to create an environment that closely resembles everyday life and promotes the integration and well-being of individuals with mental health conditions. It aims to move away from traditional institutional settings and instead foster a more inclusive and community-based approach. It emphasises the importance of providing individuals with opportunities for self-determination, independence, social interaction, and participation in activities that align with typical societal norms. The goal is to reduce stigmatisation, enhance social connections, empower individuals, and support their successful transition back into society.

Anti-ligature refers to design features or modifications specifically implemented to prevent or minimise the risk of ligature attachment, which is a potential method of self-harm. These features are crucial in settings such as mental health facilities and correctional institutions, where the safety and well-being of individuals are of utmost concern. By incorporating anti-ligature elements like rounded edges, ligature-resistant fixtures, concealed fittings, and anti-grip surfaces, the risk of individuals using ligatures to harm themselves is significantly reduced. It is important because these design measures help create safer environments, protect vulnerable individuals, and support their recovery by minimising the opportunities for self-harm.

CRR, or Crocodile Roll Resistant, refers to features or products designed to prevent or resist the dangerous self-harming behaviour known as a "crocodile roll." This behavior involves attempted self-strangulation or ligature attachment by twisting or rolling the body using a ligature. In settings like mental health or correctional facilities, specific design elements such as rounded edges, concealed fittings, ligature-resistant mechanisms, and anti-grip surfaces are incorporated to discourage ligature attachment and enhance safety.

Anti-vandal refers to features or designs specifically aimed at deterring or preventing acts of vandalism or intentional damage to property. These features can include durable materials, reinforced structures, tamper-resistant fixtures, and vandal-resistant coatings. By implementing anti-vandal measures, the risk of property damage, disruption of services, and associated costs can be significantly reduced. It is important because it helps protect infrastructure, ensures the smooth operation of essential services, and contributes to creating safe and well-maintained environments for everyone to enjoy.

Yes, the Australian Health Facility Guidelines (AusHFG); however, these guidelines only cover anti-ligature hardware such as doors and door handles.

There are no Australian standards; we therefore test our products in house by the Galvin Research and Development Team (anti-ligature) and through our trusted partner Wallgate in the UK (UK Standard Testing of Decorative Solid Surface Materials BS ISO 1972-3:2007).

In mental health facilities, tapware and sanitaryware are designed to be robust and durable yet homely looking to withstand the unique demands and challenges of such environments. To ensure their sturdiness, the following materials are commonly used:

  1. Stainless Steel - exceptional strength, corrosion resistance, and hygienic properties. 
  2. Brass - excellent durability, structural integrity, and resistance to corrosion. 
  3. Solid Surface - enhanced strength, impact resistance, and dimensional stability, withstanding heavy usage and minimising the risk of breakage.

When selecting tapware and sanitaryware for environments where anti-ligature and anti-vandal features are necessary, it is important to look for specific design elements that reduce the risk of self-harm, harm to others, and the possibility of ligature attachment.  

  • Rounded and Smooth Edges
  • Concealed Fittings
  • Ligature-Resistant Spouts and Controls
  • Breakaway or Load-Limiting Features
  • Anti-Grip Surfaces
  • Robustness

Our range of GalvinCare tapware, Wallgate solid surface sanitaryware, electronic controllers and Safe-Cell floor waste are designed to suit environments such as mental heath facilities.

Yes, some Galvin Engineering products can be modified at our Malaga Warehouse (WA), to meet specific needs.

Orygen Youth Health (VIC), Abbotsford Private Hospital (WA), Strawberry Hill Behavioral Health Facility - The University of Kansas Health System (USA)