As a long standing and ethical Australian family-owned business, Galvin Engineering is committed to the community. 

Each year 2.5% of the pre-tax profit from the approved financial budget is allocated for donation to approved community initiatives and charities. 

The values to be allocated are decided during the budget process; however, the following will hold true:

Charities selected need to be Government approved, registered as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR), and be for the benefit of fellow Australians.


Engagement Committee 

Each year, an Engagement Committee comprised of Employees from various departments in the Company, promote philanthropic and community initiatives and, within the guidelines and processes provided, determine the recipients of the allocated 25% of the annual donation budget.

This financial year, we are proud to be supporting a vast array of very worthy causes including:

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Employee Community Contributions

As a company, we are proud to support the following community contributions: