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Trusted in Schools and Universities across Australia for more than half a century, we have solutions for drinking tapware, washrooms, school wet & dry labs, safety showers and more.

Safe Solutions

Future-proof your project with Galvin Clear® Lead Safe™ DZR and stainless-steel options for your taps and drinking bubbler selections. Additionally, our rubber mouthguard options have been manufactured from fungal and bacteria resistant materials offering protection for children’s teeth. 

Hardwearing & Vandal Resistant

Our products are designed to be vandal resistant and use robust materials like chrome plated DZR, stainless steel, and nitrile rubber compounds that are proven to withstand the test of time, and heavy-duty usage in school indoor environments or Australia’s harsh outdoors.

Water Conserving  

Using water efficiently has always been at the forefront of our product developments. Depending on your requirements you can choose from self-closing or sensor activated products with timeflow or timed shut-off options. Compliant with AS/NZS 3718 our products are WaterMark and WELS approved (where applicable). 

Whole of Life Costs

Sustainability or whole-of-life costs are recognised as important in the design and development of education facilities. 
Our Tapware, Safety and Sanitaryware products are intentionally designed to reduce costs and downtime for the item’s lifecycle. 

Quality & Support

We stand behind the quality of all our products.  Our tapware, sanitaryware, fixtures & fittings are designed to be durable, fit for purpose in the most demanding education environments as well as being backed & supported by our Australian team of experts.

Compliance & Standards

All products are compliant with all relevant Australian Standards & requirements. We proudly hold WaterMark certification, ISO 9001 Quality Systems Certification, ISO 14001 Environmental Systems Certification, WELS & AGA approval as well as approvals in NSW Schools, Victorian VSBA projects, QLD DETE projects, Western Australian DET schools.

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Experience it yourself

Want to see how our solutions fit into your education space? Head into our 3D virtual classroom to see our products in action. Move around, inside and out, and click on the products to see where we can assist in creating a safe and water efficient environment.

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Education Solutions Guide

Check out our Educations Solutions focused on providing safe, easy, robust and reliable tapware for indoor and outdoor education environments.

See our State Specific Products:

Frequently Asked Questions

While all our products are safe and compliant with the stringent Australian Standards, we offerhave additional features that enhance safety for students. 

Lead Safe
Stainless-steel or DZR brass products are compliant with new ‘Lead Free Requirements’ to deliver safe water. 

Teeth protection
Our rubber mouthguard for our bubblers offer protection for children’s teeth and health thanks to its unique design and highly fungal and bacteria resistant material. 

Galvin Engineering also offer anti-microbial germ-shield coated handle options for optimal protection. 

Hygiene rinse
Our options with automated hygiene rinse remove any stagnant water reducing potential metal leaching from the plumbing system and assisting in minimising the growth of bacteria such as Legionella. This is particularly crucial after prolonged time of non-use such as school holidays.

When it comes to early learning environments, the choice of tapware plays a crucial role in promoting both safety and independence among small children. Several key factors should be carefully considered to create an environment that not only facilitates learning but also prioritises the well-being of the young learners.

Easy operation: In early learning settings, tapware should be designed with the ergonomics of small hands in mind. Opting for handles, levers, or push buttons that are suitable for small hands is essential. Levers and push buttons are often more accessible for young children than traditional 'turn' handles, ensuring that they can effortlessly operate the tap and develop a sense of independence.

Temperature control: Incorporating tapware with features such as scald-protection and thermostatic mixing valves (TMV) to maintain a safe water temperature is imperative. These precautions help prevent accidental burns and contribute to a secure environment

Durable/safe materials: Choosing Lead Safe material ensures that tapware is free from harmful substances, meeting and exceeding state-specific standards for educational environments. This choice not only enhances safety but also ensures the durability of the fixtures in the face of constant use.

Hygiene and cleanability: Young children are more susceptible to illnesses, making hygiene a top priority in early learning spaces. Selecting tapware with smooth surfaces and minimal crevices is crucial for maintaining a hygienic environment. This design choice simplifies cleaning procedures, reducing the risk of germ transmission and supporting the overall health of both children and educators.

Installation height: To foster independence among young learners, tapware should be installed at an appropriate height, allowing children to reach the fixtures comfortably.

Vandal Resistant refers to features or designs of the taps specifically aimed at deterring or preventing acts of vandalism or intentional damage to property. These features can include durable materials, reinforced structures, and tamper-resistant fixtures.

By implementing Vandal Resistant measures, the risk of property damage, disruption of services, and associated costs can be significantly reduced. It is important because it helps protecting the infrastructure and ensures the smooth operation of essential services.

Yes, Galvin Engineering products are designed to excel in all educational environments. We employ durable and vandal-resistant materials, including chrome-plated DZR, stainless steel, and nitrile rubber compounds. These materials have been proven to withstand the test of time, heavy-duty usage in laboratory settings, and the challenging weather conditions of Australia.

Galvin Engineering provides a diverse range of tapware options tailored to cater to various needs within the education sector. When planning the layout of your educational space, you have the flexibility to select from a variety of options, each designed to optimise usability and address specific requirements. 

Self-closing solutions
Our self-closing tapware includes cam-action, lever action, and push-button handles, offering a manual and user-friendly approach. Within our self-closing options, we integrate features like time flow or timed shut-off mechanisms. This plays a crucial role in water conservation, preventing taps left running unintentionally, especially common in educational environments. 

Fully automated solutions
For a more advanced and entirely touch-free experience, we offer fully automated tapware with sensor activation. This design eliminates the risk or cross-contamination from germs and pathogens that may be present on hands, as it removes the need for direct contact. 

Whether you prefer traditional self-closing mechanisms or cutting-edge automated solutions, Galvin Engineering provides a wide selection of tapware options, allowing you to create an education environment that is user-friendly, water-efficient, and adaptable to diverse preferences. 

Yes, absolutely! We understand that there may be unique or project specific needs, and we are committed to providing tailored solutions for your specific requirements. Our bubblers and tapware can be fully customised to meet the unique needs for your facilities. Whether you require specific features, modifications, or custom designs, we have the expertise to deliver products that align with the demands of the education sector.

Feel free to share your specifications, and we'll work closely with you to ensure our products meet all required standards and exceed your expectations. Your success is our priority, and we are dedicated to providing innovative and customised solutions.

Creating a safe and conducive environment for scientific exploration is essential in high-school and university science labs. Adhering to stringent standards ensures that safety equipment and fixtures meet essential criteria, providing students and educators with the necessary tools for experimentation while prioritising their well-being. 

Safety equipment
Our eyewash and showers are crafted to meet the requirements of AS 4775. The standard establishes minimum performance and use requirements, incorporating guidance on dimensional constraints for disabled access, local materials for plumbing components, and principles of good design and manufacture. A critical requirement is the simultaneous operation, where the eyewash must deliver a minimum of flushing fluid at 1.5 litres per minute or 11.4 litres per minute for an eye/face wash. Simultaneously, the drench shower must deliver a minimum of 75.7 liters per minute, ensuring effective emergency response. Our GalvinSafe® emergency equipment, featuring the AXION® designs meets these requirements, offering a medically superior response solution in the industry.

Laboratory tapware
Our Australian Made GalvinLab® laboratory tapware is designed with the specific requirements of education laboratories in mind. AS/NZS 3718 approval ensures the highest quality and functionality. Featuring tough, vandal-resistant handles with a unique locking system for additional safety, these taps are equipped to withstand the demands of a school environment. A comprehensive range of interchangeable nozzles provides flexibility of use, and each tap undergoes rigorous quality testing. The option to order taps in a satin chrome plated finish or chemical-resistant epoxy coating allows customisation to suit the unique conditions of your laboratory.

Gas turrets
Our AS 4617 AGA certified gas outlets are specifically designed to be used in a school laboratory environment and complies with NSW Education EFSG Guidelines. They are suitable for low pressure gas such as natural gas, town gas or LPG applications. The range of lever gas turrets is supplied standard with a G1/2"/15 BSP male inlet with a 90º reverse chamfer for hose connection, anti-rotation lugs in base, rubber washer, brass backnut, all finished in bright chrome plate or epoxy coating.

Yes. The WaterMark Schedule of Products outlines all plumbing products which require WaterMark certification to be authorised for installation in a plumbing system. This schedule includes the following: Metallic taps, plastic taps, mixing taps, sensor (non-touch) taps, lever taps, timed flow taps, mixing taps mechanical (non-thermostatic), and tapsets in a range of nominal sizes from DN 6 to DN 50, generally for continuous operating temperatures not exceeding 80°C. Including the following tap types: bib, bidette, stop, mixing (non-thermostatic), non-touch, washing machine stop, hose, diaphragm, pillar, laboratory, hand spray, drinking fountain, self-closing, ferrule and tapware with an integral pop up-waste.

We provide distinct specification guides tailored to individual states, outlining the unique standards and requirements for each state. These guides comprehensively detail which of our products not only fulfill but also excel in meeting the diverse state-specific standards, ensuring suitability and compliance with the varying education industry design requirements.

Check out our state-specific spec guides here.