What's the Galvin Difference?

Galvin Engineering is Australia's number one choice for commercial plumbing products. In 2017, the company began transitioning to lead-free products and was the first manufacturer to receive NSF372 certification. Today, Galvin Engineering is recognised as the market leader for lead-free plumbing products with Australia's largest range of safe products for health, education, and public spaces.

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Industries We Service

As market leaders in health, custodial and education environments, we have a vast selection of taps, water management systems and fixtures that have been specifically designed to meet the complex requirements of these industries. We can develop products to specification, as well as supply top-quality brands from across the globe, enabling us to offer solutions for all commercial projects.

Aged Care: Our range offers support and comfort for users and their caregivers, as well as, maxmise independence and dignity. Click to find out more.
Mental Health: Our products incorporate anti-ligature and safe assisted features to ensure the safety of products. Click to find out more.
Health Care: Our range incorporates features for infection control, easy installation, maintenance and cleaning. Click to find out more.
Corrections: our anti-ligative electronic, mechanical tapware reduce the risk of self-harm, suicide, and the hiding of contraband. Click to find out more.
Hospitality & Public Areas: We offer functional and versatile products for heavily frequented indoor and outdoor areas. Click to find out more.
Robust Housing: our aesthetically pleasing products are designed to reflect the new vision and philosophy of hope, healing and recovery. Click to find out more.
Education: our Lead Safe range offer solutions for safe drinking tapware, washrooms, school labs and more. Click to find out more.
Civil & Fire: our trusted and versatile Red Emperor range offers valves, civil plumbing products and firefighting equipment. Click to find out more.



Our Processes 

As an Australian Made and Owned Business we go through the processes of manufacturing through to assembling our products for the market, on site at our Western Australian branch.

Process Stage 1: Design


The journey of creating new products and improving existing products to meet customers needs begins in our Product Design room. From concept through to design and development, each step of the way, we ensure every part meets quality, compliance and regulatory requirements. Once the Designers are completely satisfied, we develop prototypes using 3D modelling software and 3D printing to test, evaluate and perfect our products to guarantee flawless performance.

Approvals and Pre-Production

Our Research & Development specialists ensure all quality and control standards are set and met. Their final detailed line drawings, CAD files, specifications and comprehensive product information instruct precise manufacturing, inspection, control, packaging and installation requirements. This level of attention to detail ensures that end-to-end quality of every product we manufacture and minimizes the margin of error, even when the product leaves our warehouse.

Process Stage 2: Approvals and Pre-Production
Process Stage 3: Machining


Using state-of-the-art Multiaxis CNC Lathes and CNC Milling Centres, our experienced Machine Shop team transform raw materials into components of tapware.  Each product follows strict quality control processes to ensure it meets the exact requirements specified by our Product Design team before leaving production.


Our skilled Fabrication team accurately braze individual components together in a modular configuration to build the overall assembly structure. The process of annealing is used to produce free flowing curves and shapes to give our products their unique design features. All products are manufactured to a detailed engineering drawing with a high-level of accuracy and craftsmanship.

Process Stage 5: Fabrication
Process Stage 6: Polishing


Our three-stage polishing process ensures our products are at a consistently high standard. By paying close attention under calibrated lighting, we remove blemishes to enhance the effect of chrome plating. Stage one, linishing, is the most abrasive step of sanding to remove excess metal.  Stages two and three then refine, improve and perfect each product to deliver an exceptional finish. 

Chrome Plating

All our products are chrome plated by trusted partners who share our exceptional production and service values. Their process is in accordance to Australian Standards to ensure the highest quality of application, resulting in a superior finish and durability.  Items are returned to us within just a few days for final assembly and testing.

Process Stage 7: Chrome Plating
Process Stage 8: Assembly and Testing

Assembly and Testing 

When it’s time to assemble our products, all parts are inspected and where applicable will undergo rigorous pressure testing before being passed through to the final approval stage.  Only once all the individual pieces have been fitted and successfully tested will they reach the final visual inspection step.  With an eye for detail and accuracy, our Assembly Team package and label each approved product with all the relevant tags – including Australian Made, WaterMark and Lead Safe.

Warehouse and Replenish 

As a proudly Australian business, we hold stock nation-wide across our NSW, VIC, QLD and WA warehouses, ensuring everything is readily available and quick to arrive on site. Working closely with our Customer Service Team, our Warehouse Teams provide regular updates to maintain optimal stock levels to meet customer needs at all times.

Process Stage 9: Warehouse and Replenishment
Process Stage 10: Dispatch


All our products can be delivered nationally and internationally, with orders regularly coming in from our distributors in the USA, UK, New Zealand and Singapore.  We strive for next-day delivery for all our Australian customers and offer a wide range of delivery options, from small parcels to entire truck loads depending on where our customers are based.