Galvin Engineering is an ISO 9001 certified company and is highly regarded as a reliable designer, manufacturer, and supplier of premium quality products for the commercial plumbing, mining, pump, transport and engineering industries. 

Galvin Engineering is a Western Australian company which was founded in 1930 and has been in the Galvin family since 1947. Whilst predominantly a local and offshore manufacturer for the Australian and New Zealand markets, our future growth lies in developing all markets, both domestic and export, where we believe we have a distinct competitive advantage. 

Galvin Engineering’s main purpose is to provide Water Solutions for a Healthier Environment. 

There are two business units in the company: 

 Business Unit  Galvin Specialised Logo Galvin Machined Castings Logo
 What we want to be    No. 1 in the Mental Health and Education Markets  Australia’s Foundry of Choice for Overhead Rail Equipment
 What we do We design and supply specialised taps, water management systems & fixtures for better health and safer communities  We deliver tailored casting solutions through our local & offshore foundry services



All employees are committed to making Galvin Engineering an employer of choice, with a culture based around Long Term Relationships built on our PAW values of Pride, Accountability and a Will Do Attitude. 

The Galvin Engineering Quality Management System Manual is the authoritative document within the Company to describe and define the methods employed in ensuring the quality of our goods and services.  We are fully committed to ensuring the ongoing compliance of the quality management system, and all our certified products. 

All employees are expected to adhere to the manual’s policies and procedures, strive to maintain the established reputation of Galvin Engineering for quality and reliability, and ensure the continuous improvement of our products, processes and service.  To this end, objectives have been set throughout the organisation to provide a mechanism to effectively measure, report, and improve the effectiveness of the organisation and our service to our customer base. 

Auditing of the quality system is the responsibility of the Compliance Manager, with full support from the Directors.  This ensures that the system and procedures contained within the manual are understood, implemented, and maintained at all levels in the organisation.