Operational Excellence 

Galvin Engineering is transitioning to an Operational Excellence Model and, as such, have developed a Quality 4.0 Strategy. The Strategy aligns with the Galvin 4.0 Strategy which outlines our 4th Generation of Galvin family ownership and the 4th industrial revolution. It focuses on leveraging technology with people to improve the quality of the organisation, products, services and the outcomes it creates to deliver “Customer Delight”.

“Customer Delight” is the process of surpassing customer’s expectations to build a long term, positive experience around our products and services. Our operational excellence model will ensure that “Customer Delight” is at the forefront moving forward, as well as, revolutionising technology, data and insights to assist our team in delivering the highest quality products to high risk and high care environments. 

Infographic of the Company's Operational Excellence Plan



Infographic of the Company's 4.0 Traditional Quality Plan

Quality Management

At Galvin Engineering our people are dedicated to ensuring we continue to maintain our ISO 9001 certification and we take pride in our focus on delivering reliability as a designer, manufacturer, and supplier of premium quality products for the commercial plumbing, mining, pump, transport and engineering industries.  

Galvin Engineering’s purpose is to provide “Water Solutions for a Healthier Environment”. In support of this our Quality team will partner with all areas of the business to ensure customer delight, quality products and services and operational excellence is our key focus throughout 2023 and beyond.



Proudly ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Galvin Engineering is proud to have maintained ISO 9001 certification since 1991. ISO 9001 is a valuable management tool outlining the standards an organisation must reach in terms of its quality management system. With a focus on documentation, planning, processes, leadership, work environment and resource management, ISO 9001 aids in maintaining a consistent quality of work and service we provide to our customers.

Quality ISO 9001 Certification Logo issued by SAI Global