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Any hazardous working condition creates its own risk, and just one near-miss or accident can lead to enormous implications for your people and your organisation. 

Whether it's at a science lab in a university, a research facility, a mining site or a manufacturing plant, Safety Officers are responsible for providing all the protection their students or workforce need to go home healthy at the end of each day, every day.  Safety showers and eye washes are an essential part of that safety toolkit, but it’s just as important to know they can be guaranteed to perform flawlessly in an emergency.

That means you need to know your solutions are not only fit-for-purpose and suitable for your unique conditions but also fully compliant with current regulations and standards using quality materials built to last.  Galvin Engineering has been providing water solutions for a healthier environment for more than 90 years.  When it comes to health and safety there’s no substitute for experience, and our rigorous standards have stood the test of time to get the job done and never let you down.

And because everything we sell is the ideal for Australian conditions, you can be sure it will survive the harshest environment giving you a longer-lasting, technologically advanced and precision-engineered product.


Raising the bar in technology and standards

Axion MSR Eye/Face Wash ImageOur latest commitment to improving the health and safety of our community is the ground-breaking GalvinSafe® (HAWS) emergency decontamination equipment for injury reduction, flow control and victim comfort. 

The innovative AS 4775 compliant AXION® design offers the only medically superior response solution in the industry today.  Developed with the highest protection and safety standards in mind, our unique eye/face wash response solution duplicates the methodology recommended and used by medical professionals. 

Using an inverted eye/face wash our revolutionary design flushes contaminants away from sensitive glands and ducts surrounding the eye, while at the same time providing consistent pressure for greater comfort.  It's not only the latest technology available but also meets all Australian Safety Standards by complying with ANSI/ISEA Z358.1 and AS 4775 requirements.

Any facility with chemicals or hazardous substances on-site faces health and safety challenges - and overcoming them is ours. All Galvin Engineering's products are designed to reduce risk for your people and are developed with a deep understanding of industrial workplace health and safety. 

Making light work of heavy duty environments

From the humidity of the Top End to the snowy mountains of Tasmania and from the burning Western Australian desert to the relentless winter rain of Victoria, one thing you need to know is that your safety solutions won't let you down when you need them.

All our products are made, tested and proven to withstand the test of time and heavy-duty usage in Australia's harsh environments. So you can be confident you're not only getting corrosion-resistant materials that are longer-lasting but also products that operate dependably under extreme conditions. 

Galvin Engineering's safety showers and eyewashes are engineered to work reliably in every workplace, from high-pressure industrial environments to sensitive clinical laboratories. Using robust materials like chrome-plated DZR, stainless steel and ABS plastic, our safety products withstand the greatest corrosion and deliver outstanding protection to a person's eyes, face or body when quick drenching or flushing is required. Because when every second counts, you need to know you can count on us.

AXION MSR Drench Shower Image

Products that lead the way

At Gavin Engineering, our team is committed to providing safety solutions that meet the highest safety, functionality and quality standards.

We recognise that sustainability or whole-of-life costs are critical in the design and development of safety solutions. That's why everything we sell is durable and fit for purpose in the most demanding environments, as well as being backed and supported by our Australian team of experts.

For more than 90 years, organisations across Australia have trusted us to provide tapware for drinking, washrooms, school wet and dry labs, safety products and more. We proudly hold WaterMark certification, ISO 9001 Quality Systems Certification, ISO 14001 Environmental Systems Certification, WELS & AGA approval, as well as approvals in NSW Schools, Victorian VSBA projects, QLD DETE projects, and Western Australian DET schools.    

The team at Galvin Engineering can advise you on the best safety solutions to give you compliance, value and reliability, ensuring water solutions for a healthier environment.

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