For the hundreds of thousands of Australians living with dementia, there is a welcome shift towards designing homes and therapeutic settings that both minimises risks and enhances wellbeing.  With careful planning a safe, compliant bathroom protects those affected by dementia and also assists them to maintain their independence for longer. So not only are they able to live in an environment where quality of life and self-care are prioritised, but their families and loved ones have much-needed reassurance they are secure and comfortable. 

As a fourth-generation Australian family business, we know just how important family is. And we’re willing to challenge long-held and all-too-common beliefs that assistive products can’t be done with a respectful, person-centred approach that balances health and safety with wellbeing. 

Designing for Dementia means Designing for Independence 

We understand how people affected by dementia want to be able to maintain their independence for as long as possible. Galvin’s specialised range provides comfort for users to preserve autonomy and dignity without compromising on convenience.  

Autonomy is a critical part of bathroom design, and the appropriate support to perform everyday tasks is a common requirement for people living with dementia. From being able to easily use a soap dispenser to retaining balance in the shower, the desire to continue with routine is much-needed.  That’s why our full range of HEWI products cover all the daily, common bathroom tasks including grab rails, utility dishes and wall hung wash basins. 

Simple is Safer 

One of the most important considerations for dementia-friendly bathrooms is ensuring there is clarity and simplicity.  As people’s illness progresses, their ability to orientate decreases and they can become quickly overwhelmed. We believe in making life easier for people, enabling independence and providing security in their living environment. 

Our specialised HEWI products are designed to be easily identified using high-contrast red accents and clear structures.  Not only is the colour red recognised more easily by people with dementia, but it provides a distinct and clear colour for people who can no longer perceive colour contrasts with green or blue tones so well.  Along with distinct functionality and clever design, being able to find bathroom items easily and intuitively ensures people are less frustrated and also minimises physical harm, even without support. 

Safety Backed by Experts 

For more than 50 years, aged care and healthcare facilities across Australia have trusted Galvin Engineering to provide safe, green and smart water solutions for a healthier environment.   

With Galvin Engineering, you know you're getting products proven to withstand the test of time as well as meet the highest standards of hygiene.  Everything we design, manufacture or sell is compliant with all relevant Australian Standards and requirements. Since 2000 we have retained our WaterMark certification, ISO 9001 Quality Systems Certification, ISO 14001 Environmental Systems Certification as well as NSW Health approvals, TMV3 approvals & WELS.  

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