Case Study - University of Qld Oral Health

University of Queensland – Oral Health (QLD)


Cox Rayner in association with Hames Sharley and Riddell


The Oral Health Centre will provide key dental clinics for the care of adults and children, along with specialist clinics for paediatric dentistry, orthodontics, oral radiology, oral medicine, periodontics, endodontics, special needs dentistry, prosthodontics and other specialist dental services. The facilities are state of the art dentistry clinics, with 174 dental chairs, 13 beds, 2 operating theatres, biomedical research laboratories, dental library, lecture and seminar rooms, simulation laboratories, teaching and office space.

Hand hygiene and infection control is paramount when practitioners are in constant contact with patients, therefore complying with the stringent hygiene guideline, CliniLever® tapware was the obvious choice. In busy healthcare environments, fixtures need to be robust enough to handle tough hostile conditions. Finally, down time of any equipment, including hand washing basins, affects the overall running of facility so it is critical that maintaining the taps is easy and cost effective.

Products Specified and Installed:  The CliniLever® range was chosen for hand washing as it provide a safe and measured flow with the laminar flow outlets minimising the risk of Legionella. The standard features of the CliniLever® wall range has built in filters and isolators, which helps protect the controllers from damage, and when maintenance is required, the isolator on the tapware allows for fast and efficient repair.

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