Case Study - John Morony Correctional Complex Maximum Security Extension


The John Morony Correctional Complex, is a maximum and minimum security prison complex for males and females.

The complex comprises three separate correctional facilities including the John Morony Correctional Centre (a medium security correctional centre for men); the Outer Metropolitan Multi- Purpose Correctional Centre (a minimum security correctional centre for men); and Dillwynia Correctional Centre (a medium security correctional centre for women).

The project was undertaken to increase the capacity of maximum security inmates by refurbishing existing infrastructure within the facility.

Our Challenge

Maximum security prisons require bathroom amenities to be safe, secure and reduce the risk of vandalism and self-harm. The project also required customisation of water solutions to suit the requirements of the refurbished cells.

Our Solution

Galvin Engineering provided flexible and personalised water solutions for the facility. The water management system was chosen due to the multitude of functions and its ease of installation. The ease of programming has given the facility the option of manually controlling the cell without having to resort to going back to a central control point to change water management settings. 

The electronic controllers & basin spouts used in the facility offer robust design and anti-ligature properties which reduce safety risks in a prison environment.

Galvin Engineering also offered custom face plates to suit the refurbishment of the cells.


The Water Management System was used in conjunction with our electronic taps & valves which provide ease of use and effective control of water resources. One of the key benefits was that the facility manager can easily change settings on the water management controller at the point of use and therefore the system doesn’t require specialised services from the supplier. 

“… The installation all went well and the system is working fine so far we will be using the product again in Long Bay Gaol Super Max.” – Paul Holden – July 2017

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