HeelGrate® floor drains installed in the Qantas Lounge, Perth Airport

Author: Madlin Zamir   Date Posted:17 May 2019 

Installed in the Qantas Lounge at the Perth Airport, The HeelGrate® range of floor drains have been designed to address concerns about possible accidental injury to pedestrians, caused by high heel shoes penetrating grates. The design of the grates also minimises potential problems where tips of crutches, wheelchair wheels or small children’s toes could become lodged in the grates.

The HeelGrate® range is ideal for shopping centres, hotels, public lounges, hospitals and Health Campus’, schools and public amenities where there is high foot traffic.

The Square HeelGrate® has proven itself over time to be robust and stylish. The HeelGrate® range is manufactured from high-quality stainless steel, suits pipe sizes from 50mm to 150mm and is easy to install.

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