Reducing Risks for Nurses in Mental Health

Author: Madlin Zamir   Date Posted:21 December 2018 

Recently, we had 3 GalvinCare® Safe Connect Shower Head installed at Glenside Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Adelaide through Spotless Building Services and Mainline Plumbing (MP).


As part of Galvin Engineering service, Duncan Lane our sales consultant from Perth, WA went to the facility to make sure the nurses understood how to safely and efficiently connect and disconnect the shower hose from the main body.


The patented design by Galvin Engineering provides flexibility if a patient requires assistance in showering and where ligature risks are of the highest priority.


Once the hose is simply connected with one hand, the water automatically diverts from the main shower head to the hand piece. It can also be easily disconnected to remove the ligature risk once the shower is completed.


The highlight feature of the GalvinCare® safe connect showers is the spray pattern on both the main shower head and the hand piece. The shower has a large and comfortable pattern, which is rare in anti-ligature outlets.


We have received positive feedback from the facility manager and the head nurses regarding the GalvinCare® Safe Connect Showers.