Welcoming Kerry Skellern to our Board of Advice

Author: Madlin Zamir   Date Posted:10 December 2018 

This week we welcome Kerry Skellern to our Board of Advice (BoA). Kerry brings on a wealth of experience from infrastructure, healthcare, building, technology and chemical industries. She has over a decade of non-executive experience and in excess of 20 years of executive experience across the public, commercial and not for profit sector.  We look forward to the insight Kerry will provide to Galvin Engineering and elevating our already awesome team.

On Tuesday, Duncan Allen the Manager of Galvin Machined Castings, together with our Operations and Supply Manager, Kevin Densham, took Kerry on a tour of our foundry, which is one of handful foundries left in WA, machine Shop, assembly and warehouse, to meet and greet our production teams.  Despite her tight schedule, Kerry joined the entire Galvin Engineering team for lunch, in Galvin style, before flying back to Sydney. We look forward to catching up with her soon in Perth.


Left to right: Duncan Allen, Kelly Skellern and Kevin Densham                                             Duncan Allen taking Kerry Skellern on a tour at our foundry


 Kerry Skellern meeting and greeting Avalon Trutwein at the machine shop.                 Chris Galvin our Managing Director introducing Kerry Skellern to Eswar Gaikwad during lunch