Conti+ Electronic Tapware is renowned worldwide for its innovative technology, superior materials and elegant wash room solutions.

Highly regarded among professional architects and designers, Conti+ delivers outstanding environmentally friendly products that enhance the comfort of users and benefit the environment.

Touch free operation removes the risk of contamination and germ build up, and ensures water only flows when needed.

Conti+ solutions and products are also characterised especially by their robustness, vandal resistant performance, durability and reliability.

Conti+ also offers a selection of products that not only pass the Australian Standard testing for potable water (AS/NZS 4020), they also comply with s1417 of the Safe Drinking Water Act in the USA (and USA standards NSF61 / NSF372). Therefore, in the USA these taps can be labelled as ‘lead free’. In addition, all metallic materials used is these taps are listed on the European Standard (4MS Common Approach), which ensures they meet the strict German Drinking Water Guidelines.

The impressive range of products includes shower units, taps and urinal flushers.