CliniLever Chrome Plated Brass Hospital Wall Bath Set 150 C/D w/180 Outlet Laminar

Product Code : TCWBC150C

The CliniLever® range is specifically designed for hospital and medical preparation areas. The innovative design helps to combat the risk of hospital acquired infections and minimise bacteria risk while providing a time and cost effective solution to maintenance with the inbuilt isolators and inline filters.


  • Patented inline inlet tails with isolator and strainer to protect the control mechanism and extend the life of the unit and minimise down time when servicing is required.
  • Angled laminar flow spout.
  • Smooth round, clean design to make cleaning easier and help reduce the dirt and bacterial growth on the tap.
  • Low lying handle to facilitate the ease of use and improve hand hygiene practices.
  • Bright chrome plate finish for easy cleaning and added durability.


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