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The Flowmatic® wall sensor and outlet combination is designed to be mounted flush into the wall or trough, and provide a low profile finish that helps minimise the build up of dirt or bacteria. Combined with its handsfree operation and self draining laminar flow spouts it minimises the risk of infection for staff and patients. The multiple time cycle options are adjustable on site, allowing the facility manager flexibility to adjust to suit user requirements.


Electronic Sensor

  • Sensor face is designed to be mounted flush into the wall/trough to minimise dirt or bacteria growth (sensor eye and screws supplied)
  • Sensor circuit boards are supplied standard with lacquer finish to limit moisture damage
  • The multiple time cycle options are adjustable on site, allowing full flexibility to suit user requirements
  • Built in capacitors and easy fit electrical filters to help suppress external noise, and provide a continuous reliable water delivery


  • Angled spout to help minimise storage of unused water and reduce the spread of Legionella
  • Laminar nozzle supplied standard to reduce the risk of Legionella spread


  • 24 volt low power usage solenoid to reduce the power usage and costs
  • Slow close to minimise the impact of water hammer within the plumbing system

The kit includes:

  • Stainless steel face place with infrared sensors
  • 24V transformer, for low power usage
  • 24V brass solenoid 15mm BSP – Slow Close
  • In line brass strainer
  • Electrical inline filters (2)
  • Chrome plated fixed outlet 225mm or 275mm (or made to required length) with laminar flow