Healthcare Hand Shower Kit w/ 900x32 Stainless Steel Hygienic G/Rail, ClevaCare Shw - Low

Product Code : CLEVA035

This GalvinCare® Shower Kit features the innovative ClevaCare® shower arm improves the bathing experience of injured or elderly people.  The unique design helps to reduce the physical strain on carers by allowing them to shower the patient without moving them.  The unique retractable spring on the shower arm ensures that an air gap is maintained in areas of high contamination risk. This shower kit also includes inlet and outlet hoses and grab rail.


  • 15 BSP connection for easy installation.
  • 15 BSP connection for all hose types.
  • Stainless steel fasteners.
  • Brass swing arm with stainless steel spring.
  • High polished chrome plate finish for easy cleaning and added durability.
  • Tough white ABS handpiece.
  • White swivel hose with chrome brass end nuts.
  • Wall inlet elbow features 9L/min flow INTERCHANGE® spigot with separate licenced dual check non-return valve.
  • 1500mm inlet hose and 1700mm outlet hose.
  • To suit installations post AS1428.1 2009 code changes.

Technical Information

  • Inlet: 15 BSP Female
  • Outlet: Handheld shower
  • Headwork: N/A
  • Operating temperature range (°C): 5 Min - 55 Max
  • Operating pressure range (kPa): 150 Min - 500 Max
  • Nominal flow rate (LPM): 9
  • Finish: Chrome


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