Exploring the Challenges in Mental Health Facility Design

With an estimated seven million Australians (45% of the population aged 16-85 years)
predicted to experience a mental disorder over their lifetime, 
there is no doubt that mental health is one of the most pressing health issues of our time.

We have dedicated time and effort to researching and developing innovative products that will pave the way for mental health facility design.
Aligning with our commitment to designing and manufacturing water solutions for better health and safer communities, the design of our products reflects a new vision and philosophy for mental health facilities.
A philosophy that is rooted in hope, healing
and recovery. 

Our aim is to work closely with architects, engineers and contractors to ensure world-class mental health facilities are delivered to the owner.


Please see our blog series in which we outline three key areas of research we have undertaken:

Part 1 - An Overview of Mental Health Facility Design.
Part 2 - The Critical Piece of the Puzzle.
Part 3 - Our Commitment to Breaking New Ground in Mental Health Bathroom Solutions.

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