Our Commitment to Breaking New Ground in Mental Health Bathroom Solutions

The SafeConnect Shower Assembly


Our previous blog posts looked at the overarching design challenges in Mental Health Facility Design and specifically bathroom design considerations.
Now we are shifting our focus towards our solution and commitment to creating cutting-edge products that pave the way for optimised Mental Health Facility Design.

For over 80 years, Galvin Engineering has been designing and supplying specialised taps and fixtures for better health and safer communities. 
Our ranges of at-risk-patient protection products for bathrooms have been designed and manufactured in Australia or sourced from leading international manufacturers.

Recently our highly anticipated release of specialised mental health facility products included our patented SafeConnect Shower Head and Hand-Held assembly. 
The SafeConect assembly is designed to assist the carer in showering patients that are unable to do so on their own by providing an optional attachment for a hand-held shower rose and hose.   
This is easily removed and taken out of the room when the carer has finished bathing the patient, so there is no risk of self-harm in the future.

Additionally, this provides the facility of utilising the same shower in all bathrooms as it is disability inclusive with premium accessibility, whilst still maintaining all the features of an anti-ligature and vandal resistant bathroom.

The SafeConnect Dual shower design incorporates a shower rose and disconnector as one. No diverter activation valve is necessary. When the shower is activated by the controllers without the hand-held hose and shower rose engaged, water will flow from the main shower rose. 
Once the hand-held shower hose and hand piece are engaged, water stops flowing from the main shower rose, and diverts automatically to the hand-held shower assembly.

In addition to the SafeConnect Dual shower, we offer a complete wet room solution for mental health facilities. See our brochure (click here for brochure)  and watch our demonstration video on our SafeConnect Shower Assembly (video here).


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In the absence of a legal or industry definition of anti-ligature or ligature resistant products, when we use these terms, we are referring to products that are designed and manufactured with the intention of reducing the risk of ligature attachment to the product(s).

Galvin Engineering Pty Ltd will always endeavour to design and test our anti-ligature product(s) to reduce the risk of product ligature attachment that may result in serious injury or death.

Whilst all reasonable measures are taken at the time of design, the anti-ligature design of the products are not intended to and will not:

a. Replace protective measures that need to be taken in the specific circumstances of usage;
b. Substitute the need for supervision of those who may be at risk;
c. Protect and or prevent those at risk against any self-harm instances that may occur when installed; and
d. Protect and or prevent injury when the risks where unknown to us at the time of the design of the product(s).

Galvin Engineering Pty Ltd does not offer and does not represent or warrant that any product(s) for sale that are ligature-free.
Therefore, Galvin Engineering will not be liable for any claims, loss, or damages arising from ligature attachment on our products. It is the purchaser's responsibility to ensure that products purchased and installed are suitable for the environments in which they are installed, and suitable supervision and protective measures are in place to protect those at risk.