Family-owned commercial tapware manufacturer Galvin Engineering has launched Australia’s first lead-free push button drink tap. Rob Scott from Channel 7 News spoke to Chris Galvin at his Malaga factory about the inspiration behind the development.


Galvin Engineering Managing Director Chris Galvin said the Australian owned and operated company has developed the GalvinClear® stainless steel range of Ezy-Drink taps in response to the growing demand from the community for a lead safe alternative.


“Galvin Engineering’s inventive and talented team of engineers developed and tested the lead-free stainless steel Ezy-Drink push button taps and they are ready for installation in schools and public places including parks, recreation centres, concert venues and hospitals,” Mr Galvin said.


“GalvinClear® is backed by Galvin Engineering’s strong commitment to produce quality taps and fixtures which support the health, well-being and safety of our community.


“Our traditional push-button drinking taps are manufactured from high-quality brass, and while the existing range meets strict Australian Standards and are totally safe for potable water, we are offering a greater level of choice due to the demand in the market,” he said.


Mr Galvin said GalvinClear® has set the benchmark for lead free stainless steel drink taps in Australia and his company will continue to develop advanced products that safely deliver drinking water.


“As an Australian provider of high-quality taps and fittings, Galvin Engineering continually tests its products to ensure they are fit-for-purpose, safe and comply with strict national regulations and standards,” he said.


“GalvinClear® drink taps are fitted with a rubber mouthguard that has been specially designed to protect teeth, which is ideal for school children and those who need a quick drink on the run”.


“In addition to the safety benefits of the design, the GalvinClear® Ezy-Drink push-button technology delivers a steady flow of drinking water and prevents wastage,” he said.


An electronically activated system has been developed to complement the Ezy-Drink range for use in schools where taps could remain unused for extended periods during holidays. This mains or battery powered unit can be set to purge the taps at pre-determined intervals, to ensure water does not remain stagnant which will reduce the number of metals that may leach into the water from the plumbing system, and assist in minimising the growth of bacteria such as Legionella.


“We often forget that safe drinking water is an essential part of our everyday lives and at Galvin Engineering we continue to create products that support health and well-being,” Mr Galvin said.



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