Products in education environments need to be hardwearing, vandal-resistant and water conserving while easy to use and safe. We offer an extensive range of suitable contemporary tapware and fixtures including Lead Safe™ and handsfree options.

Well-designed schools can improve learning outcomes, health and wellbeing. Besides improving comfort for students and staff, they can also help to reduce the impacts of both the urban heat-island effect and greenhouse gas emissions.

Designed to minimise the consumption of energy, water and natural resources and reduce waste, schools should be designed to be durable and resilient while at the same time optimise health, safety and security through pleasant and engaging spaces within its boundaries.

Providing solutions for the education sector for more than 30 years, we understand all the needs and offer an extensive range of specifically designed products. This includes easy to use, hardwearing and vandal resistant, safe (including lead safe), and water minimising options. We can cater for all your needs from amenities to laboratories over kitchens and bathrooms to outdoor areas.

See products suitable for an education specification below or contact us for a customised solution.