Flowmatic Safe-Cell Prison Concealed Ezy-Grip Shower Mixer w/ Controller


The Galvin Specialised Safe-Cell® Flowmatic® fully programmable shower combines a unique electronic valve assembly, with mixing capabilities to provide total water control that suit a variety of different installations. In addition, the electronic system uses a cell-call illuminated button assembly, which have been designed to suit the guidelines for anti-ligature applications. 


  • Control module caters for up to 5 in-wall shower boxes.
  • Controller is able to be set up for required run times. Lock out times are also available on request.
  • Shower box will mix between supplied hot water temperature to supplied cold water temperature.We recommend the use of a TMV to provide safe showering temperature is supplied to hot side.
  • The Stainless Steel Cell Call Button assembly is illuminated when connected and available for use.


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