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Touch-free electronic soap dispenser for wallmounted installations in concrete or brick walls. Activated by infrared sensor. For use with any non-proprietary soap. Chrome plated body, other finishes available. Includes a 1 liter soap bottle and bottle support. With a designated peristaltic pump that prevents clogging and back flow. Remote installation option: extension cable and longer piping. Adjustable settings by remote control: soap quantity, soap tank refill, temporary off and reset to factory settings.
Touch-free electronic soap dispenser operated by infrared sensor. The soap dispenser automatically activates when users place their hands within sensor range, providing a measured amount of soap (adjustable by remote control). If the users remove the hand before the full amount is dispensed, the soap dispenser immediately stops the soap flow.
With the dripless automatic shutoff, this soap dispenser helps washroom organization and cleanliness. Combined with the touch-free electronic faucet, it creates a germ-free automated environment. Ideal for Ideal for shopping malls, sport facilities and entertainment centers.

Typical applications: 

  • Transportation hubs
  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Food outlets 
  • Sport facilities 
  • Detention centres
  • Homes 

Special uniquely dedicated ranges: 

  • Detention centres
  • Medical sectors
  • Residential market 
  • Specific religious audiences


  • For wallmounted installations in concrete or brick walls
  • Activate by infared sensor
  • Available for individual installations, 1 L bottle
  • Available for individual installations, 6 L liter tank
  • Optional AISI316 stainless steel body
  • Version for multiple soap dispenser installations, up to  6 dispensers simultaneously
  • Reduces soap consumption
  • Accurate soap dosage. Dosage adjustable by remote control
  • Peristaltic pump. The soap is driven inside the soap tube without contact with the pump, preventing contamination and back flow
  • Suitable for wide viscosity range and non-proprietary soap for maximum savings
  • Easy to install and refill
  • Ideal combination with TZ-FLOW225866 

Technical Information

  • Installation: wall-mounted
  • Power supply: battery box for 6 x DD batteries/ 12V transformer
  • Soap 1 Liter soap bottle: peristaltic pump enables the use of any kind of liquid soap, detergent or antibacterial gel
  • Soap dose default setting: 1.2-1.6 cc
  • Adjustable by remote control in accordance to the selected soap
  • Refill: soap priming operated by remote control or by easy-to-use manual refill button

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