Monday, 1st of July 2024

Galvin Engineering Becomes the Official Distributor for Ifo and Kolo in Australia 

Galvin Engineering, a leading Australian manufacturer of high-quality commercial tapware, water management systems, and fixtures, is thrilled to be the new official distributor for Ifo and Kolo products in Australia. This distributorship aims to introduce superior sanitaryware solutions to the Australian market under the esteemed Ifo and Kolo brands, combining Galvin Engineering's commitment to innovation and quality with the renowned excellence of the European products. 

Revolutionising Sanitaryware with Innovation and Quality 
Ifo and Kolo, known for their pioneering plumbing products and sustainable practices, have been at the forefront of the sanitary industry for years. This partnership will ensure continued accessibility for Australian customers to Ifo and Kolo sanitaryware, backed by their state-of-the-art research, development, and manufacturing processes. 

Expanding Market Reach 
The distributorship will leverage Galvin Engineering's robust distribution network and market knowledge to ensure that the premium sanitary products from the Ifo and Kolo ranges are widely available across Australia. It is set to expand the range of high-quality, innovative products accessible to Australian consumers, emphasising superior design, sustainability, and functionality. 

Commitment to Excellence 
"We are excited to represent the outstanding Ifo and Kolo sanitaryware products to the Australian market," said Peter Adam, CEO of Galvin Engineering. "This distributorship reflects our commitment to providing top-tier, innovative solutions that cater to the dynamic needs of our customers. When combined with our Australian Made tapware solutions, our partners and customers will have greater choice, world-class products, and complete room solutions for their next aged care project, healthcare facility, or education project.” 

Looking Ahead 
The Galvin Engineering and Ifo and Kolo marks a significant advancement in offering Australian customers unparalleled sanitaryware options that blend elegance, sustainability, and practicality. All parties are dedicated to setting new industry standards and delivering products that enhance daily living. 

For media enquiries, please contact: 

Nicolas Siddle
Head of Sales & Marketing - Commercial Plumbing
Phone: (07) 3081 7704