Image: Start designing with our high-quality BIM content today.

Image: Start designing with our high-quality BIM content today.

We are proud to announce we have partnered with Australia’s leading BIM content specialists IGS Group (IGS BIM Solutions) to provide innovative, high-quality BIM content via the platform, streamlining and maximising access to Architects, Health Planners and Building Design Professionals. 

In response to increasing demand for project-ready BIM content, we have collaborated with IGS to develop a high-quality library of Revit families to streamline the project design and documentation process for designers incorporating our extensive range of Smart Water solutions into projects. Utilising the Galvin Revit content library, design professionals can create project documentation, evolve design options, and generate high quality visualisation outputs for specialised tapware and bathroom solutions more efficiently and accurately than ever before.

Products included in the first stage of our Revit library are an extensive suite of predominantly lead free plumbing fixtures across numerous project categories suited in a wide range of project settings such as Healthcare, Corrections, and Education.

Our Revit library has been developed in a way that balances functionality, ease of use, visualisation quality, documentation output, and performance in a BIM project environment. An important feature of the BIM library is the inclusion of AusHFG codes, which streamlines project planning, data management and design processes. 

In line with the Revit Content Standard, our Revit families have been modelled natively in Revit and include parametric functionality where appropriate to ensure the models work well in a project environment, allowing designers to easily switch between various product options to suit specific project requirements.

For Revit users, a ‘Virtual Showroom’ (.RVT file) is available to efficiently download and browse the whole library or to perform QA checks, as it has been pre-configured to review key quality aspects such as data consistency, LOD settings and documentation output. Alternatively, the library can be downloaded as individual families in Revit 2019-2023, as ‘Collections’ based on product categories, or as a bulk ‘Download All’ option. All content is available for download as Face Based or Non-Hosted formats.

Recognising the need to optimise user experience when browsing and downloading Revit content, we are utilising IGS Group's BIM content hosting and project design resource,’s website integration feature ensures designers experience the same optimised search, preview, and download workflows on both the Galvin Engineering website and Designers can now preview the 3D Revit geometry directly in the web browser, view parameter data, download specific versions of content, and choose the download format that best suits their needs.

Don't settle for second-rate Revit content in your projects – use Galvin Engineering Revit families to streamline the project design process and generate high quality BIM project deliverables. 

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