The new GalvinSafe® emergency equipment from Haws® is our latest commitment to improve the health and safety of our global community by providing customer focused hydration, safety, and tempering solutions.

The ground breaking AXION® MSR technology designs offer the only medically superior response solution in the industry. Designed to upgrade your facility’s emergency eyewash and shower systems, the AXION® Advantage improves existing emergency equipment while maintaining ANSI compliance.

All GalvinSafe® Haws® emergency equipment models are lead-free and environmentally safe.

Protection for the Human Eye

The human eye is equipped with an automatic lubricating and cleansing mechanism, called the lacrimal system. It consists of the lacrimal punctum – a drain which channels excess fluids away from the ocular surface. The lacrimal punctum drains excess fluids directly into the nasal cavity. This process is the reason why your nose runs when you cry.

If a chemical is introduced into the eye, nature’s own cleansing mechanism can serve to force the contaminant into the nasal cavity, where it can potentially cause further internal injury. The ideal approach in chemical or particulate eye injuries is to sweep contaminants away from the lacrimal punctum.

The AXION® MSR – Medically Superior Response Technology