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The GalvinCare® Mental Health Anti-Ligature Safe-Connect Shower Head has the added feature of a handheld shower connection where carers can easily connect a handheld shower if assisted care showing is required.  The handheld shower can then be easily removed when not in use. Patent no. 2018202412 (Australia) and 741366 (New Zealand). International patents pending. GalvinCare® Safe-Connect wall mounted shower head with an auto-divert detachable hose, provides two functions in a single fitting. This allows the shower to be used either independently or by a carer for safe assisted showering, without having to install two separate outlets and additional in-wall diverter. The fixed shower head can be used independently by patients, minimising risk due to its anti-ligature, anti-vandalism features, while the automatic divert feature allows a detachable hose to be attached. The detachable hose allows a carer to safely provide assisted showering and when not in use, can be removed from the room to manage the risk.


  • Anti-vandalism features
  • Anti-ligature design
  • Detachable hose connection
  • Enables assisted and unassisted showering
  • Promotes a normalised environment
  • Chrome plate finish for easy cleaning and added durability

Technical Information

  • Inlet: 1/2" BSP - Female
  • Outlet: Shower Head
  • Working Pressure Range (kPa): 150 Min - 500 Max
  • Working Temperature Range (°C): 5 Min - 70 Max  
  • Nominal Flow Rate (LPM): 5.3
  • Construction: Brass
  • Finish: Chrome



Without hand held shower connected - water flows through fixed installed shower rose when shower valve is activated 

Without hand held shower connected - water flow is automatically diverted from shower rose to hand shower when shower valve is activated (no water flow from shower rose occurs) 

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