Long Bay Gaol Super Max is also known as Long Bay correctional Complex which is located 14kms south of Sydney’s central business district.

The complex houses two facilities, the Long Bay Hospital which is a maximum- and minimum-security facility for medical and psychiatric cases and remandees in addition to the Metropolitan Special Programs Centre (MSCP) also a maximum-minimum security facility.

The project was undertaken to ease programming and providing the facility the option of manually controlling the cell without having to resort going back to a central control point to change settings and refurbishing existing infrastructure within the facility.

Our Challenges:

When planning the refurbishment for the facility it is essential that the bathroom amnesties are made of anti-ligature properties in order to reduce the risk of vandalism and self-harm.

Our Solution:

Our team at Galvin Engineering refurbished the bathroom amnesties with electronic controllers and robust design basin spouts with anti-ligature properties with flexible and personalised water solutions for the facility. The water management system was chosen due to the ease of installation and the many options it offers.


The Wallgate Water Management System was used in conjunction with our electronic taps and valves which provide ease of use and effective control of water resources.

The overwhelming feedback was that the system was easily usable and that the options provided assisted enormously with decreasing the risks in the facility.

“We are happy with the Wallgate Water Management system it has the option to allow us to manually control the cell and is easy to install” Paul Holden, Correctional Services Industry









Location: Long Bay Correctional Centre, Martraville NSW

Start Date: September 2017

End Date: January 2018