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Red Emperor® is Australia's first choice for quality Fire Fighting equipment. Manufactured by Galvin Engineering - an Australian family-owned business. Since 1930, Galvin Engineering we have been totally focussed on providing our customers with premium quality products, uncompromising customer service and responsive technical backup.


Shopping centres - Schools - Factories - Universities - Hospitals - Sporting centres - Caravan parks - Public arenas - Mining sites


  • Commercial grade quality and fully backed by our industrial warranty. 
  • Certified to AS/NZS 1221. 
  • 1-year warranty when installed and commissioned in accordance with AS 2441.
  • Test pressure: 1700kPa.
  • Maximum working pressure: 1200kPa.
  • Spray distance approximately: 7 metres.
  • Minimum discharge at 220k ± 10 kPa inlet pressure should be 30l/min.
  • Nominal hose diameter: 19mm.
  • Hose reel length: 36 meters.
  • Fire hose reel comes standard with:
    -  A fitted brass fire hose reel nozzle and a brass ball valve to ensure long life and durability.
    -  A guide arm that is fitted with roller beads to ensure the hose flows freely and doesn’t kink.
    -  Side plates that are made from tough powder coated zincalume steel (per AS 4506).