Any outdoor public area would be missing a vital ingredient without the inclusion of the Ezy-Drink® tapware range. The primary choice for reliable and water efficient drinking taps for drinking fountains and water stations in education, sporting and public facilities.

Depending on your requirements there is a choice of three handle alternatives; cam action, push button, or lever action handles and also the option of timed water shut off.

Features include:

  • A unique rubber mouthguard which has been specially designed to protect teeth in the rough and tough environment of the school yard and playground. The mouthguard is made from a nitrile compound which is AS 4020 approved and has high resistance to fungal and bacterial attack.
  • The rubber compound used has a high degree of saturation which ensures the unit has a greater resistance to sunlight and environmental aging and therefore a long life in the field.
  • Stainless steel grub screws secure the mouthguard to the body ensuring a high resistance to vandalism.
  • Vandal resistant flow control valve for adjusting height of water.
  • Height is maintained regardless of pressure fluctuations due to the constant flow/flow restrictor.
  • Special units can be made to your specifications.