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Catalogue 2014

 Galvin Engineering 2014 Product Catalogue (67MB)

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Food Service Taps

 Ezy-Wash® Pre Rinse Food Service Brochure

Laboratory Taps

 ProLab® Research Laboratory Tapware

School Laboratory Tapware and Gas Turrets Brochure

 Laboratory Gas & Dry Services Tapware Brochure

 ProLab® Laboratory Gas & Dry Services Colour Identification & Specification Chart

Health Services Taps

GalvinCare Mental Health Solutions Brochures

 Healthcare Solutions Brochure

 Galvin Specialised Mental Health Brochure

 CliniLever® Health Care Tapware Brochure

 Surgical & Lever Action Tapware Brochure

GalvinCare Health Care Tapware Brochure 

Drinking Taps and Bubblers

 Ezy-Drink® Drinking Taps & Bubblers Brochure

Hands Free Taps

 Conti Sensor Tap Brochure

 Foot and Knee Operated Valves Brochure

 Flowmatic® Electronic Taps & Valves Brochure

Instant & Timed Shut-off Taps

 Ezy-Push® Tapware Brochure

Ezy-Push® and Ezy-Lever® Tapware Brochure

 Ezy-Twist® Tapware Brochure

Commercial Taps

 Capstan Commercial & Child Safety Brochure

Temperature & Water Protection Products

 CliniMix® Progressive Thermostatic Valves

 CliniMix® Thermostatic Mixing Valves and Cabinets Brochure

 Pressure Reduction Valves HR Jul2016 Brochure

 Stainless Steel 3 Piece Ball Valve Brochure

Vandal Resistant Taps

 Vandal Resistant Tapware Brochure 

Safe-Cell® Prison Tapware Brochure

 Safe-Cell® Tapware & Floor Wastes Brochure

Commercial Drains

Floor & Roof Drain Range Brochure

Stainless Steel 316 Commercial Drainage and Rain Water Outlets Brochure

 Safe-Cell® Prison Floor Wastes Brochure

Roof Outlet Parapet Style Brochure

Commercial and Vinyl Floor Waste Catalogue Insert

Floor Drains & Floor Trap Combinations Catalogue Insert

Commercial and Vinyl Slip Safe Cleanouts Catalogue Insert

Rain Water Outlets and Roof Drains Catalogue Insert

Fire Fighting Equipment

 Fire Hose Reels & Cabinets Brochure

New South Wales Fire Flyer

Victoria Fire Flyer

South Australia Fire Flyer

Queensland Fire Flyer

Northern Territory Fire Flyer

Western Australia Fire Flyer

General Tapware and Accessories

 Exposed Assembly Tapware Brochure

Cast Iron and Brassware Products

 Plumbing Fittings Brochure

Civil & Accessories

Cast Iron Meter Boxes and Covers Brochure